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YOUR PARTNER THROUGH ALL THE STAGES OF YOUR CAREER The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Aviation is aimed at protecting and promoting all occupations in the aviation industry.

The Guild for Aviation strives to act collectively as a watchdog for members, to protect the occupation and to give young people an opportunity for a career in aviation, and also to address issues in the industry.

Who may join the Guild for Aviation? Matriculants
Matriculants interested in studying in this field
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Cabin crew

Air traffic control staff


Any other persons working in the aviation industry.
Guild benefits As Guild member you are part of Solidarity and consequently you qualify for all trade union benefits within the terms and conditions. Guild membership is an additional benefit of Solidarity membership.

*Terms and conditions apply

Additional benefits enjoyed exclusively by members of the Guild for Aviation are:
Comprehensive representation for Guild members at the Civil Aviation Authority.
Continued training and development in Afrikaans
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Financial advice and products by Solidarity Financial Services
Industry-specific newsletter
Civil Aviation Act CARCOM was instituted in terms of section 156 of the Civil Aviation Act, 2009, as a consultative body on matters relating to the development of the Civil Aviation Regulations and other aviation matters in general.

The committee must also advise the Minister of Transport on proposals with regard to the introduction of any regulation; the amendment or withdrawal of any regulation made; the introduction of any technical standard to be issued; the amendment or withdrawal of any technical standard issued, and any other matter relating to civil aviation.

The Guild is geared to protect the trade and the industry.

It is therefore perfectly placed to represent our members’ professional needs on this committee and/or subcommittees.

Solidarity now also has representation on the following CARCOM subcommittees, where we can actively intervene and negotiate for our members.

Aviation Safety Operations
Aviation Infrastructure
Aviation Security
Fees and General

For Industry Regulations

IN THE NEWS Privatising airports no magic solution – aviation CEO

05.06.2019– Fin24

Privatising airports due to lack of funds for infrastructure development is not a “magic solution” for African governments, Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of the International Air Transport Association (Iata) said. Governments in Africa should be careful before they just “rush into” privatising airports, he told Fin24 on the sidelines of Iata’s 75th annual general meeting in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday. “We encourage governments to consider all options before they make a decision on whether to privatise an airport or not,” he said. Iata has guidelines available on how it suggests governments should proceed when considering the privatisation of airports or not.

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South African Express says that it is turning itself around

14.06.2019– Engineering news

South African State-owned regional airline SA Express (SAX) affirmed on Friday that it was making substantial progress in its turnaround programme. It has also been taking action against employees found to have been engaged in wrongdoing. All those employees who have been charged with offences, and found to be guilty, have been fired from the airline. In those cases in which the offences involve alleged violations of the law, the airline has opened criminal cases. It will use legal means to recoup any losses that were the result of these various offences.

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Slowing demand, rising costs squeezing airline profits

– report 15.06.2019 – Fin24

Slowing demand and rising costs are squeezing airline profits, according to a report by the International Air Transport Association. The industry body announced at its 75th annual general meeting in Seoul, South Korea in May that it had downgraded its 2019 outlook for the global air transport industry to $28bn profit from its previous forecast of a $35bn profit.

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New tech to improve air passengers’ flying experience

– industry 17.06.2019 – Fin24

More than 8.2 billion passengers will travel by air globally by 2037, this is nearly double the amount of current passengers, according to the aviation industry’s projections. Nick Careen, senior vice president of airport, passenger, cargo and security at the International Air Transport Association (Iata), said that growth of air passengers and cargo demands will present challenges to airports. He was speaking at a media briefing ahead of the start of the 75th annual general meeting of Iata in Seoul, South Korea.

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‘Airport city’ key for economic future – CT airport manager

28.04.2019– Fin24

It is said that in future, it won’t be countries competing with each other, but rather cities – and that is why global air access is so important for SA cities, says Deon Cloete, general manager of Cape Town International Airport. A successful aerotropolis (a multi-modal commercially viable “airport city” centred around an airport) forms an important part of the process, he said at the 4th annual AviaDev aviation development conference in Cape Town on Thursday. At the same time, there are social imperatives to address within the area where an airport operates. Cloete said Airports Company SA (ACSA) is proud to have been one of the founding members of the successful Cape Town Air Access initiative, which has managed to increase direct flights to the Mother City with its accompanying economic benefits for the city and region.

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Kontak Ons | Lugvaart
0861 25 24 23
20 February 2019
In a letter to the Director of Civil Aviation, Poppy Khoza, trade union Solidarity expressed its concern over the grounding of CemAir and the possible...

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16 November 2018
Dear Member     The SACAA ERD department held a Part 121 & 135 workgroup on Monday regarding ALPA – SA FTL Regulation proposal.  ...

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10 October 2018
By Tania du Toit Any aviation experience and/or qualification gained or obtained in South Africa should make your CV internationally acceptable provided that you make...

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4 September 2018
 By Tania du Toit The list of medical conditions that do not agree with flying, is kilometres long and can never be complete. Considering the significant...

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