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The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Engineering is a professional community aimed at creating a home for professionals within their specific occupation.

This guild offers you a network wherein you can feel free, safe and prosperous to practice your occupation successfully. This occupational guild focuses on being a watchdog for the occupation by looking at burning issues this occupation face.

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Engineering offers members a network where members can get into contact with one another, form part of mentorships and in this way give young people the chance on a future in the occupation.

Become part of your occupational guild:

Join the Solidarity Occupational Guild for Engineering.
Encourage colleagues to become part of the guild so that we can be stronger within the occupation.
Open yourself or your company up to take in interns so that they can get the necessary training and experience to enter the occupation as an employee of note.
Make yourself available to act as a mentor.
Actively participate in network opportunities.

Guild members says the future starts now. We promote quality and create hope.

If you want to become more involved, contact us via email at
TRADE UNION BENEFITS Guild members are proud people who are part of a professional community where a network of work is promoted to the benefit of individuals as well as the occupation.

They are people who want to develop themselves and who are not afraid to learn new things. Guild members not only want to empower themselves with knowledge, they also want to take responsibility for the next generation. This responsibility is carried over through the sharing of knowledge, mentorship programmes and presenting internships and job creation.

As member of a guild you form part of Solidarity and qualify for all the benefits of the trade union we offer.

*Terms and conditions apply ►

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS ENGINEERS ENJOY WHITHIN THE GUILD: A network of work where professional relationships is established and built upon. A professional community where there is especially looked at the specific interests in your occupation.

Discount at S-leer, a registered training institution for CPD point and personal development programmes. Various training programmes expand your skills in several specialist fields within the occupation.

The opportunity to act as a mentor: Contact us. Click here ►
Access to students looking for internships: Click here ►
Networking opportunities
A free platform to share knowledge in the form of:
  • Articles
  • Training
  • Focus groups
S-leer: S-leer is a proud Afrikaans training institution where you can obtain points for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and expand your personal and professional knowledge through personal development programmes.

*Guild members qualify for a 40% discount on all programmes offered by S-leer.

For more information about S-leer programmes, click here ►
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