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CAREER PARTNER for the Financial Professions The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Financial Professions is a community that makes it its business to connect professionals who offer services in the financial industry, to give young people opportunities in the profession and to act as a watchdog, dealing with issues in the profession by coming up with workable solutions.

The Occupational Guild for Finance Practitioners offers a network to its members through which they can interact, can share best practices and can do business.
The Solidarity Network of Work The occupational guild is serious about members’ jobs, and for this we need to establish knowledge hubs. Guild members have a responsibility to not only empower themselves but to equip our children with knowledge and skills to enter the world of work and to establish healthy communities.

Quality is key to excellence. Our dream is that we would all be able to make ourselves indispensable so all who want to work can work.

The Solidarity Network of Work, together with the occupational guild, forms a network that focuses on work. It connects institutions and individuals with each other, and it fosters a sense of belonging among people.

Become part of your Network of Work

Join the Occupational Guild for Finance Practitioners.
Encourage colleagues and other financial institutions to become part of the guild so we can realise our dreams and empower the profession overall.
Make yourself or your company available to take in clerks and interns so they can get the necessary guidance and gain knowledge to enter the profession as a high-calibre employee. Send an e-mail to us at
Would you like to become more involved in what we do?
  • Make yourself available as a mentor.
  • Share your knowledge with others and actively participate in networking opportunities.
Do you want to invest in the future? The guild makes study grants available that empower young people to study.
Guild members are saying the future starts now. We are promoting quality and we are creating hope. If you want to become more involved, please contact us at
TRADE UNION BENEFITS Guild members are proud people who form part of a professional community where a network of work is being promoted for the benefit of individuals as well as the profession.

They are people who want to develop themselves and who are not afraid to learn new things. Guild members not only want to empower themselves through knowledge, but they also want to take responsibility for the next generation. This responsibility translates into the sharing of knowledge, mentorship programmes and the offering of internships and job creation.

As a guild member you are part of Solidarity and as such you qualify for all the union benefits we offer.

*Terms and conditions apply 

A network of work where practitioners can share and get advice, where ideas are sounded out and where professional relationships are built and fostered.

Discount for courses offered by S-leer, a registered training institution offering CPD points and personal development programmes. Various training programmes hone skills in several specialist areas in the profession.

An opportunity to act as a mentor:  Click here ► for more information.

Access to students looking for internships: Click here ►

Networking opportunities.

A free platform to share knowledge in the form of:

  • Articles
  • Training
  • Focus groups
S-leer is a training institution that is proudly Afrikaans. Through its courses you can acquire points for continuing professional development (CPD) and you can broaden your professional and personal knowledge through personal development programmes.

*Members of guilds qualify for a 40% discount on all programmes presented by S-leer.

For information on S-leer’s programmes, click here ►.
Kganyago strengthens Reserve Bank as bastion

Solidarity today welcomed the reappointment of Lesetja Kganyago as Governor of the South African Reserve Bank. “Over the past few weeks, the Reserve Bank has become one of the ANC’s ideological battlefields. This move by President Ramaphosa strengthens Mr Kganyago’s hands so that he, in the interests of all citizens, can keep the ‘the savages at the gate’ away from the Reserve Bank,” said Connie Mulder, head of the Solidarity Research Institute. “Since our government manages its finances like a toddler in a candy shop, South Africa can only benefit from Kganyago’s strong and stable hand on the country’s monetary
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