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SOLIDARITY GUILD FOR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS The Solidarity Guild for Health Care Practitioners is a professional community of people who stand together and work together. It is a community which focuses on health care professions where you can feel at home and where health practitioner work together and learn together, but all within everyone’s specific profession. The aim of the Guild is to protect health care professions, to afford young people the opportunity to build a career in health care and to be the watchdog who tackles important issues in the industry with workable solutions.

Members of the Guild can collectively get involved in the retention, building and sustainability of their respective professions. Common values offer every Guild member something to believe in, as well as a platform to give back and share knowledge through network opportunities, job creation, and mentorship programmes.

The Guild for Health Care Practitioners specifically aims to “create a safe environment where health care practitioners can deliver sustainable health care in terms of a fair funding system”.
BENEFITS Guild members are proud people with a strong sense for ethics and safety. They are people who wish to develop themselves and are not afraid to learn. The Solidarity Guild for Health Care Practitioners acknowledges that health care practitioners are passionate about their professions and regard the job as a calling in spite of the fact that it can be a very thankless job and where structures and systems could easily extinguish the passion.

As a guild member, you are part of Solidarity and therefore you qualify for all the trade union benefits we offer.

*Terms and conditions apply

Additional benefits within the guild:
Access to the Solidarity network of work for Health Practitioners.
Access to Solidarity Financial Services, our partner in all financial enquiries and services.
Industry-specific news.
Opportunities to become a mentor: For more information, click here.
Discount at S-Leer, a registered training institution for CPD points, and personal development programmes.

Solidarity Occupational Guilds empowers you against Covid-19

Doctors, pharmacists and nurses are at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19. For South Africa to stay healthy your well-being must be the top priority.

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National Health Insurance (NHI)

We want to keep you informed about the progress and implementation of the NHI. Become part of Solidarity’s Occupational Guild for Health Practitioners today.

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Crisis Summit

Crisis Summit

Health care affects each one of us and we cannot take a backseat to see what the outcome would be of the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI Bill). This bill has recently been gazetted and, as it currently reads, it could have far-reaching consequences for every person in the country.

The Solidarity Guild for Health Practitioners is hosting a crisis summit to discuss the implications of the proposed NHI Bill. The summit will address the impact the bill will have on specialists, general practitioners and the economy, and it will also deal with the implications associated with the bill. The purpose of the summit is to compile a combined input document which will serve as official comment on the bill and which is to be submitted in September.

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Solidarity: decentralisation of power generation and NHI

Solidarity welcomes the drastic steps to decentralise power generation as announced by Pres. Ramaphosa in the State of the Nation Address on 13 February 2020. “The next step is to make the transmission networks available to private generators,” said Dr  Dirk Hermann, Solidarity chief executive. However, there was no plan to address Eskom’s huge debt problem. It appears that besides pension money government has no plan to deal with the huge Eskom debt crisis. “We foresee a huge clash between pension fund members and government and Solidarity will be at the forefront of this fight,” Hermann contended. Moreover, it appears
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30 000 add their voices to Solidarity’s comments on the NHI

Solidarity today submitted its comments on the National Health Insurance (NHI) representing a mandate of 30 000. These comments, which already take on the form of court documents, have been formulated with the aid of two independent expert reports written by Prof Jannie Rossouw and Prof Alex van den Heever respectively. Moreover, the Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Care Practitioners instructed the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) to conduct a survey among practitioners.   Morné Malan, a strategic specialist at Solidarity, says: “The NHI, should it come into effect, would bring an unprecedented disaster for South Africans. That is why in
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Experts: NHI irresponsible and irrational

Solidarity today announced its comprehensive steps against the National Health Insurance (NHI) during a media conference. The conference was presented in collaboration with Prof. Jannie Rossouw and Prof. Alex van den Heever, appointed by Solidarity to compile independent expert reports on the impact of the NHI on the country.   Morné Malan, Strategic Specialist at Solidarity explained, “Solidarity has investigated and studies the NHI for the past three years, including the far-reaching and devastating consequences that will accompany it. As part of Solidarity’s campaign against the NHI, we approached leading experts in the field of economic and policy analysis to
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Hints to doctors who want to start their own medical practices

By Essie Bester Starting one’s own medical practice can be incredibly profitable and this is the end result many aim at, according to doctors who have done it. It is, however, also one of the biggest challenges that will face you as a medical practitioner – from business logistics to financial planning. The following are a few things regarding the management of a medical practice that should be kept in mind: Select your team carefully The required qualifications of the professional people who have to assist you in your practice, will depend on your particular practice. You will probably need
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Medical research wants to inspire young people

By Nico Strydom  Dr Marli Dercksen, a medical scientist at the North-West University who was recently honoured by the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Societies (FAK) with an Inspirational Woman Award, hopes that it will inspire young people to consider careers in the health sector. Currently Dr Dercksen is the chief medical scientist at NWU’s Laboratory for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (PLIEM) and the centre for human metabolomics. “Without specialist medical services in South Africa so many patients will suffer and even die without being diagnosed. Optimal diagnostic and treatment strategies can only be obtained by means of the transfer of
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Burnout among doctors becoming a growing problem

By Essie Bester The incidents of burnout among doctors are increasing at an alarming rate – and this was already the case before the Covid-19 pandemic. Solidarity’s Professional Guild for Health Practitioners investigated this alarming fact. In a recent overseas study it was found that 42% of American doctors suffer from burnout. In South Africa it is difficult to determine the precise numbers of burnout among professionals. However, data from the health care sector indicates that the number of South African doctors who suffer burnout is similar and in many cases much worse than that of their overseas colleagues. The
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Gerlia Venter: dietician with a passion for people

By Reon Janse van Rensburg Solidarity’s Guild for Health Practitioners is a professional community that stands together and works together. It provides a space for all the health professions where everyone can feel at home, work together and also learn together in his or her particular discipline. It is important for every Solidarity Guild to inform people, and especially young people, about different professions that enable them to broaden their horizons. However, guilds also fulfill the important function of acting as a watchdog on behalf of each profession in the specific professional community in order to create a healthy and
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The precarious future of health care

By Essie Bester Shifting demographics, cost pressures, consumerism and rapid advances in technology will play a role in the future of health care. It is, however policy changes that will for ever change the face of health care as we know it. The Solidarity Guild for Health Practitioners, which focuses on tackling problem areas in the health profession with workable solutions, says the government’s proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) is causing great concern about the future of health care in South Africa among practitioners, economists and ordinary citizens. Many people feel that the NHI is a political initiative to keep
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Patient-doctor confidentiality during Covid-19

By Nico Strydom The Covid-19 pandemic brought along an increasing number of ethical and legal issues, especially with regard to patient-doctor confidentiality. Solidarity’s Occupational Guild for Health practitioners did some research about the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on patient-doctor confidentiality. Doctors have to explain to patients how the measures put in place to combat the spread of the virus affect their confidentiality, says Prof David McQuoid-Mason of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. In an article by McQuoid-Mason recently published in the South African Medical Journal (SAMJ) he wrote that doctors should inform their patients
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Lockdown hits the pockets of GPs and dentists hard

The Star reports that hundreds of medical practices are on the verge of collapse because of a fall in the number of visits due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was reported last week by Coenie Smith, Nedbank national manager for Medical Professionals. While the number of Covid-19 cases in SA continues to climb and those on the frontline work tirelessly to treat those affected, others such as general practitioners, specialists and dentists have seen demand for their services reduce significantly. This had led to a cash crunch, forcing some providers to scale back their practices and lay off health workers. Recent
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How Medical Supervisors Can Help Manage Fear and Change in the Path of COVID-19

By Anja van den Berg Doctors, nurses, carers and paramedics around the world are facing an unprecedented workload in overstretched health facilities, and with no end in sight. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is claiming its stake. The medical fraternity is working in stressful and frightening work environments as information about the nature of the novel coronavirus is still limited. Moreover, in most settings, medical people are under-protected, overworked and vulnerable to infection. Healthcare workers are vulnerable to immediate and long-term mental health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey of over 3 000 respondents in South Africa conducted by EMGuidance, a
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State’s national health a disgrace

Shocking and disgraceful, and a feeling of heartfelt sympathy for the victims, is the reaction that comes to mind when one sees and reads about the condition of state hospitals as reported by the BBC and others. It was reported that doctors and nurses at, among others, Livingstone Hospital in the Eastern Cape, which is the main Covid-19 hospital in the district, describe the situation as a “war zone” with blood and waste on the floors, shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), lack of oxygen, severe ambulance shortages, no ventilation and patients having to sleep under newspapers. A photograph was
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The importance of mentorship in the workplace

By Nico Strydom Many companies have formal mentorship systems to make sure that knowledge and skills are transferred and to identify and develop talent. Mentorship programmes do not only serve as instruments for development, but are also extremely cost-effective options with numerous benefits for a company because the resources are already in place. Research has found that mentorship makes for job satisfaction and professional and personal development for the mentor as well as for the person at the receiving end. Employees also tend to stay with their place of work if they feel that they are getting help and that
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18 January 2021
By Essie Bester Starting one’s own medical practice can be incredibly profitable and this is the end result many aim at, according to doctors who have done it. It is,...

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8 December 2020
By Nico Strydom  Dr Marli Dercksen, a medical scientist at the North-West University who was recently honoured by the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Societies (FAK) with an Inspirational Woman Award,...

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1 December 2020
By Essie Bester The incidents of burnout among doctors are increasing at an alarming rate – and this was already the case before the Covid-19 pandemic. Solidarity’s Professional Guild for...

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1 October 2020
By Reon Janse van Rensburg Solidarity's Guild for Health Practitioners is a professional community that stands together and works together. It provides a space for all the health professions where...

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