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SOLIDARITY GUILD FOR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS The Solidarity Guild for Health Care Practitioners is a professional community of people who stand together and work together. It is a community which focuses on health care professions where you can feel at home and where health practitioner work together and learn together, but all within everyone’s specific profession. The aim of the Guild is to protect health care professions, to afford young people the opportunity to build a career in health care and to be the watchdog who tackles important issues in the industry with workable solutions.

Members of the Guild can collectively get involved in the retention, building and sustainability of their respective professions. Common values offer every Guild member something to believe in, as well as a platform to give back and share knowledge through network opportunities, job creation, and mentorship programmes.

The Guild for Health Care Practitioners specifically aims to “create a safe environment where health care practitioners can deliver sustainable health care in terms of a fair funding system”.
BENEFITS Guild members are proud people with a strong sense for ethics and safety. They are people who wish to develop themselves and are not afraid to learn. The Solidarity Guild for Health Care Practitioners acknowledges that health care practitioners are passionate about their professions and regard the job as a calling in spite of the fact that it can be a very thankless job and where structures and systems could easily extinguish the passion.

As a guild member, you are part of Solidarity and therefore you qualify for all the trade union benefits we offer.

*Terms and conditions apply

Additional benefits within the guild:
Access to the Solidarity network of work for Health Practitioners.
Access to Solidarity Financial Services, our partner in all financial enquiries and services.
Industry-specific news.
Opportunities to become a mentor: For more information, click here.
Discount at S-Leer, a registered training institution for CPD points, and personal development programmes.

Solidarity Occupational Guilds empowers you against Covid-19

Doctors, pharmacists and nurses are at the forefront of the battle against Covid-19. For South Africa to stay healthy your well-being must be the top priority.

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Crisis Summit

Crisis Summit

Health care affects each one of us and we cannot take a backseat to see what the outcome would be of the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI Bill). This bill has recently been gazetted and, as it currently reads, it could have far-reaching consequences for every person in the country.

The Solidarity Guild for Health Practitioners is hosting a crisis summit to discuss the implications of the proposed NHI Bill. The summit will address the impact the bill will have on specialists, general practitioners and the economy, and it will also deal with the implications associated with the bill. The purpose of the summit is to compile a combined input document which will serve as official comment on the bill and which is to be submitted in September.

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Legal action against portfolio committee on NHI

Solidarity has warned the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health to include Solidarity in the public hearings regarding the National Health Insurance (NHI). This followed after the portfolio committee continued its public hearings and invited stakeholders to participate, but failed to respond to Solidarity’s applications.   “It is crucial that all stakeholders that have indicated that they want to be a part of the process, should be afforded the time and opportunity to make a submission. It is ridiculous that Solidarity is being ignored and its participation is withheld. The government cannot merely choose who it they want to listen to
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Solidarity: decentralisation of power generation and NHI

Solidarity welcomes the drastic steps to decentralise power generation as announced by Pres. Ramaphosa in the State of the Nation Address on 13 February 2020. “The next step is to make the transmission networks available to private generators,” said Dr  Dirk Hermann, Solidarity chief executive. However, there was no plan to address Eskom’s huge debt problem. It appears that besides pension money government has no plan to deal with the huge Eskom debt crisis. “We foresee a huge clash between pension fund members and government and Solidarity will be at the forefront of this fight,” Hermann contended. Moreover, it appears
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30 000 add their voices to Solidarity’s comments on the NHI

Solidarity today submitted its comments on the National Health Insurance (NHI) representing a mandate of 30 000. These comments, which already take on the form of court documents, have been formulated with the aid of two independent expert reports written by Prof Jannie Rossouw and Prof Alex van den Heever respectively. Moreover, the Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Care Practitioners instructed the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) to conduct a survey among practitioners.   Morné Malan, a strategic specialist at Solidarity, says: “The NHI, should it come into effect, would bring an unprecedented disaster for South Africans. That is why in
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Top transplant surgeon appointed as new dean of Medicine and Health Sciences at SU

By Reon Janse van Rensburg Stellenbosch University (SU) has appointed a new dean for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to succeed Prof Jimmy Volmink, whose second term has come to an end. Prof Elmi Muller, the pioneering clinician who performed the first HIV-positive-to-positive kidney transplant in the world, has been appointed to this position and will take up her new post in January 2022. Prof Muller currently is Head of both the Division of General Surgery and the Transplant Unit in the Groote Schuur Hospital at the University of Cape Town (UCT). She is an A1-graded scientist at
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Dentists and stress relief

By Marli Naidoo Dentistry is one of the most stressful professions. It is no secret that dentists have to solve various stress-related problems (physical and emotional) on a daily basis. The main stressors in dentistry are falling behind schedule causing patients pain the heavy work load patients who are late anxious patients Stress is not beneficial to anyone’s health. When tension is not alleviated and managed correctly, it can lead to heart diseases, ulcers, back pain, addiction, depression, relationship problems and even suicide. How can dentists manage and lower their stress levels? Don’t ignore the danger signs of chronic tension.
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General practitioners: Success with child patients

By Marli Naidoo When you become a general practitioner you know that you are going to treat all kinds of patients, grown-ups, children, young and old. You are definitely going to deal with children regularly. Some are going to be happy, but others are going to be unwell and tired and want to make sure everybody knows it. If you want to work a little on your skills to make children feel at ease, there are quite a lot of ideas that can help you. There are always toys in the doctor’s waiting room. It would also be a good
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HPSCA says yes to NHI; Solidarity says no

By Nico Strydom The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) believes that the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) should be the only funding mechanism for health in South Africa. Solidarity’s Guild for Health Practitioners rejects the HPCSA’s attack on the private medical sector and will fight the NHI in its current form. Prof. Mbulaheni Nemutandani, president of the HPCSA, said during a virtual presentation to the parliamentary portfolio committee on health that they welcome the NHI, as it will result in equal healthcare and social justice. It will also lead to a reduction in inequalities between the public and
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Physiotherapy for sports injuries

By Melodie Veldhuizen Many people enjoy practising some kind of sport, whether it be for recreation or on a professional level. These include any kind of sport – jogging or walking, cycling, rugby, dancing, swimming, hockey, tennis, cricket, netball, gymnastics and many more. Few sports are truly dangerous, provided they are practised responsibly and according to the rules. However, it does sometimes happen that a person incurs a sports injury, sometimes slight, such as a bruise or a knock against the head. The injury can be of a more serious nature, though, such as a fracture, a torn ligament or
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Informed consent

By Maretha Botes Few people understand or think about the letter of consent that they sign before a medical procedure. That letter requesting your “informed consent”, better known as the “Consent Form”. Those in the know, however, warn that you should spend time actually reading it before you put your signature at the bottom. It is more important than you think. According to Esmé van Rensburg, professor and counselling psychologist at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University, your informed consent has three important components: Firstly, you must be able to give your consent. That means that you must have
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SA Doctors don’t seem to have a safe space to ask for psychological help

By Anja van den Berg A recent survey has found that the country’s front-line doctors are increasingly concerned about their mental and physical health. The survey was conducted by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), which represents 32 000 healthcare professionals in South Africa. A total of 346 doctors took part in the survey. A third of them felt their mental health had deteriorated due to the extra strain on them amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The MPS reported that 60% of the respondents were concerned about the health of their families and friends, 54% were worried about finances and 42% about
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Paramedics and Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

By Marli Naidoo Medical emergency personnel, including paramedics, are exposed to dangerous and life-threatening events on a daily basis. They handle different incidents that can lead to post-traumatic stress. In the past, the medical field denied that paramedics and other emergency personnel could be affected by PTSD. The general consensus was that these individuals were well-trained to handle trauma and did not personally experience emergency situations as traumatic. Since then it has however been found that paramedics are not immune to everything they experience and see daily, and that it does indeed affect them negatively. Possible consequences include low work
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19 May – World Family Doctor Day (better known as Day for Super Heroes)

By Reon Janse van Rensburg If you ask any South African to name their preferred family doctor, chances are you will end up with a long list of names of men and women who not only are capable of doing their work but who practically form part of every family they deal with. They know every family member’s ailments and have witnessed how you or your children grew up before them. Broken arms, the day you discovered you are pregnant and a multitude of other events – family doctors are there to share our joys and also our pains. Family
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Speech-language therapy as a career

By Melodie Veldhuizen Speech-language therapists are health practitioners who evaluate, diagnose and treat people with a diverse variety of speech and swallowing problems. They work with people of all ages, from premature babies to old people. Speech, language and swallowing problems are usually caused by delayed development or cleft palates (in babies), autism, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, loss of hearing, Parkinson’s disease, or injuries to the mouth or throat, but also include problems such as stuttering. Speech-language therapy therefore covers a wide field and after you have obtained your qualification, there are several professional fields to choose from. Mianda Venter,
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19 July 2021
By Reon Janse van Rensburg Stellenbosch University (SU) has appointed a new dean for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to succeed Prof Jimmy Volmink, whose second term has...

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5 July 2021
By Marli Naidoo Dentistry is one of the most stressful professions. It is no secret that dentists have to solve various stress-related problems (physical and emotional) on a daily basis....

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21 June 2021
By Marli Naidoo When you become a general practitioner you know that you are going to treat all kinds of patients, grown-ups, children, young and old. You are definitely going...

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11 June 2021
By Nico Strydom The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) believes that the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) should be the only funding mechanism for health in South Africa....

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