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SOLIDARITY GUILD FOR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS The Solidarity Guild for Health Care Practitioners is a professional community of people who stand together and work together. It is a community which focuses on health care professions where you can feel at home and where health practitioner work together and learn together, but all within everyone’s specific profession. The aim of the Guild is to protect health care professions, to afford young people the opportunity to build a career in health care and to be the watchdog who tackles important issues in the industry with workable solutions.

Members of the Guild can collectively get involved in the retention, building and sustainability of their respective professions. Common values offer every Guild member something to believe in, as well as a platform to give back and share knowledge through network opportunities, job creation, and mentorship programmes.

The Guild for Health Care Practitioners specifically aims to “create a safe environment where health care practitioners can deliver sustainable health care in terms of a fair funding system”.
BENEFITS Guild members are proud people with a strong sense for ethics and safety. They are people who wish to develop themselves and are not afraid to learn. The Solidarity Guild for Health Care Practitioners acknowledges that health care practitioners are passionate about their professions and regard the job as a calling in spite of the fact that it can be a very thankless job and where structures and systems could easily extinguish the passion.

As a guild member, you are part of Solidarity and therefore you qualify for all the trade union benefits we offer.

*Terms and conditions apply

Additional benefits within the guild:
Access to the Solidarity network of work for Health Practitioners.
Access to Solidarity Financial Services, our partner in all financial enquiries and services.
Industry-specific news.
Opportunities to become a mentor: For more information, click here.
Discount at S-Leer, a registered training institution for CPD points, and personal development programmes.

National Health Insurance (NHI)

National Health Insurance (NHI) regulated by the state means that health care in South Africa will be nationalised into the largest state department in the history of South Africa. Moreover, a very small minority will have to pay for all. South Africans must decide for themselves who they want to trust regarding their health.

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Crisis Summit

Crisis Summit

Health care affects each one of us and we cannot take a backseat to see what the outcome would be of the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI Bill). This bill has recently been gazetted and, as it currently reads, it could have far-reaching consequences for every person in the country.

The Solidarity Guild for Health Practitioners is hosting a crisis summit to discuss the implications of the proposed NHI Bill. The summit will address the impact the bill will have on specialists, general practitioners and the economy, and it will also deal with the implications associated with the bill. The purpose of the summit is to compile a combined input document which will serve as official comment on the bill and which is to be submitted in September.

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Who & what are Solidarity Occupational Guilds?
19 November 2018
16 November 2018 Solidariteit verwelkom die hewige en omvattende kritiek wat die waarnemende direkteur-generaal van die tesourie, Ismail Momoniat, oor die omstrede wetsontwerp op Nasionale Gesondheidsversekering uitgespreek het. Die kritiek...

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1 October 2018
The proposed Medical Schemes Amendment Bill and the National Health Insurance Bill tabled by the ANC bring up four issues that will play a very important role in the health...

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3 September 2018
The World Health Organisation and World Bank have developed a UHC Monitoring Framework that focuses on the 2 (two) core components of UHC: Coverage of the population with quality, essential...

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3 September 2018
Universal Health Care includes: Financial risk protection, access to quality essential health care services, safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all   NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE What...

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