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National Health Insurance (NHI) regulated by the state means that health care in South Africa will be nationalised into the largest state department in the history of South Africa. Moreover, a very small minority will have to pay for all. South Africans must decide for themselves who they want to trust regarding their health.

Access to health care services will exclusively be managed and controlled by the NHI and all resources in the health sector (people, equipment, facilities and funds) will belong to the NHI. Let us know whether this announcement is good or bad, and why. If you feel you do not have enough information, read more below.


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Access to health care is necessary. For every South African. The reality is that the government is not able to carry out its responsibility to offer quality health care services and therefore, a strong private offer arose and grew. This offer will now be nationalised within the NHI. In the NHI system, nobody will be able to choose where they receive their health care services. Everyone with an income and who pay tax shall pay and everyone will receive the same service, whether they pay or not.

Will the NHI mean that all who cannot afford medical insurance and will have to use the poor state health care service, will suddenly receive good health care?

Will the medical treatment suddenly become affordable and accessible and will it be good?

Can we eliminate any additional provision for medical scheme services?

Will health care service providers (of which there is a shortage already) survive at government tariffs?

Solidarity has launched an informational campaign for South Africans to read more about the controversial NHI legislature and to participate in the public debate on the grounds of trustworthy information.

A doctor’s perspective: NHI heading for a national health disaster

The goals behind national health insurance may be very noble, and no one wants to deprive any citizen of quality health care, but this bill has many detrimental consequences which will destroy South Africa’s health care. This is according to the opinion of Dr Ronel Goosen.* Dr Goosen, who has...

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