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The NHI as a whole is a great cause for concern regarding medical care in South Africa. The government wants to enforce aggressive rules, regulations and control on the health sector, which will result in South Africa’s medical care collapsing, and which will irrevocably change your profession as a heath care practitioner. The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Care Practitioners is a safe haven for quality health care. Solidarity will not allow medical practitioners to be stripped of their freedom and then forced to leave the country. Do not keep quiet any longer.

If you do not make your voice heard, you say “yes” to a disastrous health care sector in which the government hijacks national health by depriving South Africans of their constitutional right to quality health care. Then you also say “yes” to over-regulation and political interference. Add your voice to ours. Say “no” with Solidarity, because we are going to fight to safeguard your profession.

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Keep informed about Solidarity and read our media statement here regarding the NHI, our opposition to it and what we intend to next.

Read the National Health Insurance Bill

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By joining Solidarity’s Occupational Guild for Health Practitioners, you say that as a medical practitioner across many disciplines and traditional distribution lines you protest the proposed National Health Insurance. You re-confirm your willingness to serve South Africa and her people. You give recognition to the service you delivered or still deliver to the public sector. You do not want to be bound by big medical conglomerates, but definitely also not by the state.

You agree that the proposed NHI may not be implemented. You do this, not because you do not wish good health care for all South Africans, but because good health care is your passion and your career. You take note that South Africa’s medical care is anything but perfect, but the NHI will not improve it. You realise that your knowledge must be used, and medical care must go back to the drawing board, and you want to help adjust the system and improve it for everyone’s gain.

You admit that you do not want to leave the country, but the NHI leaves you with no other choice. Your condition for staying and changing the system is that you must be free to practice within healthy medical practices, to develop, reach out and care.