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The NHI will deprive health care practitioners of virtually any freedom regarding how and where they can practice their careers. This will make doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all other health care practitioners merely commodities and as a matter of fact deny them their humanity.

They are not treated as individuals with rights, but rather as resources; possessions of the state that can be allocated as the state see fit.

Furthermore, our national survey among health care practitioners shows that they almost unanimously agree that the NHI cannot work, the state cannot run it, and that health care practitioners are also not interested in working under such a system. Solidarity’s comments were submitted on 29 November 2019 along with 30 000 other votes who also said NO to the NHI. These comments are but one punch against the NHI. We do not know how many punches will be necessary to stop the NHI, but we are ready to fight against the NHI with you, on behalf of you and for you.

We remain the voice and the watchdog of the occupation. Strengthen our hands and our case by joining the Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Care Practitioners.

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Your membership entails:

By joining Solidarity’s Occupational Guild for Health Practitioners, you say that as a medical practitioner across many disciplines and traditional distribution lines you protest the proposed National Health Insurance. You re-confirm your willingness to serve South Africa and her people. You give recognition to the service you delivered or still deliver to the public sector. You do not want to be bound by big medical conglomerates, but definitely also not by the state.

You agree that the proposed NHI may not be implemented. You do this, not because you do not wish good health care for all South Africans, but because good health care is your passion and your career. You take note that South Africa’s medical care is anything but perfect, but the NHI will not improve it. You realise that your knowledge must be used, and medical care must go back to the drawing board, and you want to help adjust the system and improve it for everyone’s gain.

You admit that you do not want to leave the country, but the NHI leaves you with no other choice. Your condition for staying and changing the system is that you must be free to practice within healthy medical practices, to develop, reach out and care.