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Communication Practitioners Article

Friday | 29 November | 2019 Creativity: Sometimes it is in unique places

By Bianca Smit   Emma O’Brien, a professional photographer from Johannesburg, talked about the “Creative magic of black dogs” at a recent TEDx conference in Pretoria. I was fascinated by the subject because how do you bring creativity and a black dog together? She elaborated on the subject by saying that a term which is commonly used at animal shelters one day triggered a whole new creative process in her. The term was “black dog syndrome.” Basically, it refers to the fact that black dogs are not as easily adopted as dogs of other colours. Black dogs often miss out
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Wednesday | 27 November | 2019 Sexual harassment in the workplace

We work in diverse environments, each with its own values, ways of doing things and interpretations. Despite this, no one has the right to harass another person. How do we define sexual harassment? The Good Practice Code about the dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, defines sexual harassment as: “Undesirable behaviour of a sexual nature that damages the rights of an employee and which is a countermeasure for equality in the workplace.” This behaviour includes any physical, verbal or non-verbal sexual actions which makes the victim uncomfortable. Make sure it is sexual harassment: Examples of sexual harassment are thus
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Thursday | 19 September | 2019 The importance of reputation management for your brand

By Lize-Mari Labuschagne In short, reputation management is an effort to influence what and how people think of a brand. What are people saying about you? Managing the reputation of your brand is one of the core activities in communication management. Character is who you are. Reputation is who other people think you are, and today this is mainly based on what artificial intelligence systems rather than first-hand experience say about you. Reputation management happens mainly online Many people and organisations use different forms of social media to monitor their reputation. Reputation management happens online because this is where most
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Wednesday | 18 September | 2019 This is how communication practitioners should behave

By Nico Strydom At present the public relations industry in South Africa is not officially regulated but there have been calls from many quarters that this should be done. Renewed calls for the regulation of the public relations industry were heard after the Bell Pottinger saga when it was found that this organisation ran a campaign in South Africa to fuel racial tension. Bell Pottinger was later kicked out of Britain’s association for liaison and communication companies. In South Africa we have the South African Public Relations Association, Prisa for short. Professional liaison or communication practitioners are not legally obliged
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Tuesday | 27 August | 2019 How to keep your skills sharp in a constantly evolving industry

By Wilmarie Brits With technology advancing faster than ever, it goes without saying that your work environment and the nature of your work would have drastically changed over the last 10 years. The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) estimates that technology will advance 32 times from where it is now over the next five years. This rapid change means that digital transformation is no longer a choice but a necessity to stay relevant and at the forefront in your career. Futurists predict that 35% of the skills that are currently considered important will change in the next five years
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Tuesday | 27 August | 2019 Vernuwe jouself in ’n snelveranderende wêreld

Deur Lize-Mari Labuschagne Niks bly vir ewig dieselfde nie. In ’n wêreld waar dinge altyd aan die verander is, moet jy soms nadink oor wie jy is en waar jy jouself bevind om uit te vind of dit tyd is vir vernuwing en vir ’n totale verandering van rigting. Soms gebeur hierdie vernuwing vanself en soms volg dit op ’n bewustelike besluit wat jy neem om jouself te herskep en vorentoe te beweeg as gevolg van die omstandighede waarin jy jouself bevind. Hier is ’n paar wenke vir mense wat op soek is na vernuwing in hul persoonlike of professionele
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Wednesday | 10 July | 2019 KYK: Susan Lombaard van Maroela Media vertel

Stel jy belang in 'n beroep in media? Maak seker dat jy na hierdie onderhoud met Susan Lombaard van Maroela Media luister: Klik Hier.

Friday | 05 April | 2019 KYK: “Tussen die publiek en gebeure – dáár’s ek.”- Joernalis

Deur Mia Slabbert Die werklike realiteit van nuusgebeure in Suid-Afrika is soms só wreed, dat joernaliste die verantwoordelikheid het om as 'n filter tussen die werklikheid en die uiteindelike nuusstorie te dien. Joernaliste staan in hul menswees direk vóór die tragedie, gevaar of chaos en verwerk baie kere hierdie inligting tot so 'n mate dat trauma op ’n versagtende wyse aan die publiek oorgedra kan word. Wanneer die publiek 'n koerant of tydskrif oopmaak, of om sewe by 'n nuuskanaal inskakel, volg 'n string nuusberigte oor plofbare kwessies in die land – of dit nou misdaad, politiek of gesondheid is
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Wednesday | 14 November | 2018 “I work with sound and every day on radio is different”

By Dr Eugene Brink Be prepared to work hard and grow a thick skin, but every day is different and perfect for creative souls. This is the opinion of two well-known Afrikaans voices on radio with whom Solidarity World spoke about their work. “My work is sound. I work in a ‘blind’ medium and that is why sound is extremely important in radio. The use of sound, the way in which you use your voice on the air, everything must draw a picture for the person who is listening in,” says Ettienne Ludick, a radio broadcaster and producer with RSG.
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How a landing page can increase lead generation - Solidarity
Monday | 12 November | 2018 How a landing page can increase lead generation

By: Morné Prinsloo   The goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads and to make the most out of your paid search marketing campaigns. Landing pages are thus best use in conjunction with online marketing campaigns such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, instead of organic traffic.   A landing page is a webpage where visitors “land”. It is a standalone webpage dedicated to driving leads. A landing page should free you from menus, widgets, sidebars, unnecessary links etc. Landing pages should encourage visitors to take action and should thus have a clear Call to Action.
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