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Wednesday | 18 September | 2019 Nursing attributes: Skills that make you a great nurse

Nursing is a profession of passion, of wanting to help others and being of service. Great nurses are highly skilled in the following:   Communication skills A great nurse has excellent communication skills. It is vital to communicate efficiently with others, but also to be able to listen properly, as this aids in problem-solving. Emotional stability Nursing is a stressful job and often very traumatic when faced with death, sad or horrible cases. A good nurse possesses the quality to relate to whatever circumstance currently faced, but also take responsibility for self-care and emotional stability. Great nurses can deal with
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Wednesday | 18 September | 2019 This is how communication practitioners should behave

By Nico Strydom At present the public relations industry in South Africa is not officially regulated but there have been calls from many quarters that this should be done. Renewed calls for the regulation of the public relations industry were heard after the Bell Pottinger saga when it was found that this organisation ran a campaign in South Africa to fuel racial tension. Bell Pottinger was later kicked out of Britain’s association for liaison and communication companies. In South Africa we have the South African Public Relations Association, Prisa for short. Professional liaison or communication practitioners are not legally obliged
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Monday | 16 September | 2019 KYK VIDEO: Solidariteit se Kantoorkampioen vir 2019 by spoggeleentheid aangewys

Die Solidariteit Beroepsgilde vir Kantoorpraktisyns het onlangs hul Kantoorkampioen vir 2019 aangewys. Die kompetisie is vanjaar vir die eerste keer aangebied en sal voortaan ’n jaarlikse instelling wees. Die Beroepsgilde vir Kantoorpraktisyns is ’n beroepsgemeenskap vir enige iemand in ’n administratiewe rol, ongeag of die persoon ’n persoonlike assistent, ontvangspersoon, datavaslegger of administratiewe beampte is. Dié beroepsgilde fokus daarop om sy lede in hul beroepe te versterk en ook om vir hulle die nodige erkenning te gee wat soveel male agterweë bly. Lindie Strydom het as gasspreker die ongeveer 80 gaste by dié glansgeleentheid in Pretoria geïnspireer en gemotiveer. Enige
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Tuesday | 10 September | 2019 Eight golden rules to make a success of your career

It is possible for everyone to make a success of his or her career. The weal and woe of Solidarity’s more than 180 000 members gave FLIP BUYS an opportunity to thoroughly study the requirements for success in one’s career. For years he has been looking closely at the reasons why some people reach the top while others don’t. He has summed up his conclusions in eight golden rules for making a success of your career. Fulfil your calling For many people their career never seems to take off properly because they are not fulfilling their calling; they are just working.
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Tuesday | 27 August | 2019 Vernuwe jouself in ’n snelveranderende wêreld

Deur Lize-Mari Labuschagne Niks bly vir ewig dieselfde nie. In ’n wêreld waar dinge altyd aan die verander is, moet jy soms nadink oor wie jy is en waar jy jouself bevind om uit te vind of dit tyd is vir vernuwing en vir ’n totale verandering van rigting. Soms gebeur hierdie vernuwing vanself en soms volg dit op ’n bewustelike besluit wat jy neem om jouself te herskep en vorentoe te beweeg as gevolg van die omstandighede waarin jy jouself bevind. Hier is ’n paar wenke vir mense wat op soek is na vernuwing in hul persoonlike of professionele
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Monday | 26 August | 2019 Observations from within a PICU

We appreciate you beyond description, even if we don’t say it. You are in control of our most precious possessions, and we are not. We are anxious, scared, emotional. Download tips from parents that nurses should know.

Wednesday | 21 August | 2019 Solidarity: All avenues are considered to fight NHI

Solidarity announced today that it is considering all avenues to fight the damaging effects the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) will have.   Morné Malan, Senior Researcher at the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) explained: “The NHI in its current format is heading for an unquestionable disaster. All medical practitioners, taxpayers and South African citizens will be affected negatively by this. Therefore, we undertake to use all resources at our disposal to combat the impact of it.”   Solidarity will provide input at any public participation process to address the bill’s shortcomings but will also prepare accordingly if the
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Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 Politicians can learn from trade union coalitions

Coalitions between political parties are either formed or broken up after national or local government elections. Especially the DA and the EFF have a legacy of making up and breaking up.   The phenomenon of formal coalition formation has established itself in trade unionism for quite some time already and shares commonalities with coalitions in the political environment. In trade unionism the motive behind coalition formation is to either protect or establish majoritarian status of representivity at a workplace by means of a coalition or to form an opposition bloc against the majoritarian trade union. Underlying this is the “winner
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Thursday | 25 July | 2019 Afraid of your inbox after the vacation?

Before you went on a well-deserved holiday break, you had anxiety attacks about the amount of work that needed to be completed before you could switch off and relax. Upon your return, you end up wishing that you never went on leave as your inbox is an immediate headache. To overcome this inbox nightmare and ensure it does not rob you of your post-holiday bliss, here are a few tips: Set aside time to work through your inbox. Look at this time as a scheduled meeting that you cannot postpone and must attend. While you have your “inbox catch-up meeting”,
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Tuesday | 16 July | 2019 Lonmin doomed after ‘unholy’ pact with Amcu

Lonmin, the world’s third largest platinum producer, was taken over by Sibanye-Stillwater on 7 June. Had this takeover not taken place Lonmin may well have been under business rescue by now.   Lonmin’s cashflow problems initially arose from the failed mechanisation attempt by Brad Mills, its CEO from 2004 to 2008.   In August 2012 a second major blow hit the company by way of the Marikana events. A few months after Marikana Ben Magara was appointed as Lonmin’s chief executive. While Magara did good things too, he expedited Lonmin’s end.   I got to know Magara as head of
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