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Wednesday | 19 August | 2020 Nurses deserve acknowledgement

By Nico Strydom When the World Health Organisation (WHO) designated 2020 to be the international year of the nurse and the midwife, there was no way of knowing that it would be prophetic. Currently nurses are on the front lines fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. In history nurses have always been on the forefront in the battle against epidemics and pandemics. Nurses are often the first and sometimes the only health workers people see and the Covid-19 pandemic once again reminds us of the extremely important role the play. Nurses comprise more than half of the world’s health workers, but
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Friday | 22 November | 2019 Verpleging in ‘n kosmopolitaanse land – werk so saam

Deur Luisa van der Linde Inleiding Die bekende verpleegster Florence Nightingale het gesê: “Die heel eerste vereiste in ‘n hospitaal is dat dit die sieke geen skade moet aandoen nie”. In die praktyk is dit soms makliker gesê as gedaan. As verpleegster lê jy ‘n eed af om alle mense gelyk te behandel. Daar is in gesondheidsorg geen plek vir haat, woede of stereotipes nie. Menseverhoudinge is egter ingewikkeld en gevoelens staan soms in die plek van kommunikasie. In ‘n land soos Suid-Afrika met verskeie tale, kulture, identiteitsverskille en uiteenlopende agtergronde is die teelaarde vir misverstande baie groot. Esther Smit
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Friday | 20 September | 2019 Nurses: You and your patient

By Luisa van der Linde The first day you entered the nursing college your idea of being a nurse was probably one of giving pills and glasses to patients. However, as soon as you started with training you realised that this occupation requires much more than just medical care. A huge part of taking care of patients consists of good people skills. Esther Smit, programme director of Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy, said she learnt from a good mentor was that you cannot work for respect, you receive it. “Sometimes you have to look deeper into the psyche of a patient
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Wednesday | 18 September | 2019 Nursing attributes: Skills that make you a great nurse

Nursing is a profession of passion, of wanting to help others and being of service. Great nurses are highly skilled in the following:   Communication skills A great nurse has excellent communication skills. It is vital to communicate efficiently with others, but also to be able to listen properly, as this aids in problem-solving. Emotional stability Nursing is a stressful job and often very traumatic when faced with death, sad or horrible cases. A good nurse possesses the quality to relate to whatever circumstance currently faced, but also take responsibility for self-care and emotional stability. Great nurses can deal with
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Monday | 26 August | 2019 Observations from within a PICU

We appreciate you beyond description, even if we don’t say it. You are in control of our most precious possessions, and we are not. We are anxious, scared, emotional. Download tips from parents that nurses should know.

Friday | 17 May | 2019 Challenges for nurses in SA are still too big

By Mia Slabbert They take up the role of mother and caretaker. They are the helpers in the hospital who rubs your back and assist you in times when you cannot necessarily take care of yourself. Nurses are the heartbeat of the hospital hallways. It is also the occupation that Magda de Ruyter have been choosing for the past 28 years. Magda has been working as a nurse in South Africa since 1991. She works in the theatre and always explains her role with a bit of humour: “I am that person who gives the scalpel to the doctor when
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Thursday | 16 May | 2019 Solidarity announces action plan for nursing crisis in SA

By Mia Slabbert The nursing profession is in intensive care and if urgent intervention does not take place and solutions are not found for the enormous shortage of nursing staff, South Africa will be facing a possible national health care crisis. This is according to what the Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Practitioners said at a conference today. “One of the biggest challenges in the nursing industry in South Africa is the shortage of nursing staff. In 2010, a shortage of more than 44 700 nursing staff was recorded,” Hennie Bierman, Head of the Solidarity Occupational Guilds said. According to Bierman,
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Friday | 03 May | 2019 Shocking statistics on nurses’ poor working conditions

The nursing profession is facing many challenges and problems. Nurses in South Africa are confronted by unsafe working conditions, burn-out and inadequate resources in the workplace. South Africa has a total of 3 816 public healthcare institutions. The Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) conducted inspections at 969 (25%) of the healthcare institutions across South Africa for the period 2016-2017 to determine whether they complied with basic health standards. The results for only 852 institutions were released (reason unknown). Only seven (1%) of the institutions complied with health standards with a score of more than 80%, and 32 (4%) institutions complied
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Thursday | 25 April | 2019 Nursing – gap becoming too big for the future

By Reon Janse van Rensburg The provision of good healthcare services is largely dependent on the labour force in the health sector in terms of the numbers, quality of the skills the workers possess, how and where they work, as well as the management and deployment of the medical services, equipment and staff. Students – the future One of the biggest challenges in the nursing industry in South Africa is the shortage of nursing staff. According to the Health Department, a shortage of more than 44 700 nursing staff was already experienced as far back as in 2010, and in 2016
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Thursday | 18 October | 2018 How to stay health as a nurse

By Marli Naidoo Nursing staff take care of other people’s issues daily, work under a lot of pressure, and are exposed to germs. With these factors in play it can be difficult to stay healthy. This includes physical and mental health and healthy eating habits. What can nurses do to remain strong and balanced on every level? Exercise regularly. It can be difficult to work long shifts, take care of your family, and still make time for exercise. However, it is essential that you place this high on your list of priorities, so that you can remain strong and fit.
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