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YOUR PARTNER THROUGH ALL THE STAGES OF YOUR CAREER The Occupational Nursing Guild is your partner through all the stages of your career: whether you are studying; a nursing practitioner; or preparing for retirement. Within your occupation you encounter challenges and successes daily and the guild supports you as your patron; but not only that. The guild is also there to help you develop and to equip you with knowledge so that you can perform your daily tasks professionally and ethically. We also act on behalf of the nursing profession by building relationships with other institutions that may affect the profession.


Who may join the guild?

All nursing practitioners in all specialist fields.

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Students who are being trained in nursing.

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Matriculants who are interested in studying nursing.

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Guild members benefits Guild members are proud people for whom ethics and safety in their occupation are important. They are people who wish to continue their development and are not afraid of learning new things. Solidarity Occupational Nursing Guild acknowledges that nursing practitioners are passionate about their occupation. Also that it is an occupation in which people’s lives are a calling, although it is sometimes a thankless task where politics can extinguish the passion.

As a guild member you are part of Solidarity and you therefore qualify for all the labour union benefits we offer.
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Additional benefits enjoyed by nursing practitioners who are members of the guild
Access to Solidarity financial services, our partner for all financial enquiries and services, including the following but not limited thereto:
  • income protection
  • help with drawing up a budget
  • savings plans and investments
  • insurance and much more
Industry-specific news
Opportunity to act as mentor: for more information see below.
Discount at S-Leer, a registered training institution, for all VPO and personal development programmes in Afrikaans.
Guidelines for SANC registration in order to make the process as simple as possible.

STUDY FUND APPLY FOR FUNDING FOR YOUR STUDIES Does your heart and passion lie at health care and service delivery in health care? Do you want to enter a career as a nurse? This occupational guild aims to realise your dreams therefore, we make rent free study loans available through Helping Hand’s Study Fund Centre.

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TRAIN A NURSE Nurse shortages affects each of us. It not only has a massive impact on service delivery, but also on the retention of the occupation. The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Nurses is taking the first step towards a solution, by helping students to enter the occupation. We undertake to help as many as possible students with funding for their studies, so that they can qualify as nurses.

Would you like to get involved and contribute financially to realise the dreams of a young person?

SMS the word FUNDING to 34802 (R1/SMS) and we’ll phone you.

Institutions where you can study nursing
  • Private nursing education institutions accredited to offer the new nursing programmes with effect from 2020.
    Click here ►
  • Private nursing education institutions that are still offering “legacy” programmes.Click here ►
  • Public nursing education institutions that are still offering legacy qualifications. Click here ►
  • Universities accredited to offer the new nursing programmes from 2020. Click here ►
Nursing Indemnity Insurance Nurses are required to take out professional indemnity insurance before they are allowed to practise. This insurance gives protection against claims for damages resulting from negligence in the performance of your work.

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Nurses negotiated affordable professional indemnity insurance with better cover than any other trade union.

For more information, send an email to

Costs of your indemnity insurance:
Student:R225 per annum* Nursing practitioners:R275 per annum*

*Terms and conditions apply.

How do I take out indemnity insurance?
Download the application. Click here ►
Fill in the form as fully as possible and submit it together with a copy of your ID. The broker will then contact you with a quotation. When you accept the quotation, send the signed form and proof of payment to
Your application will be processed and a certificate will be issued.
Please note:
  • Your indemnity will be effective from a date that appears on your certificate.
  • Submit your certificate to your employer and feel safe.
For more information
The South African Nursing Council The South African Nursing Council (SANC) is the regulating body for training and standards in die nursing industry.

All nursing practitioners must apply for a practice certificate every year, which serves as proof that your are competent and able to carry out your duties.

It is your responsiblity as nursing practitioner to see to the following:
Your registration and payment must reach SANC before the cut-off date.
Certificates are sent by post, therefore you must make sure that SANC is always notified should your personal information change in any way. To update your information with SANC click here. ►
You must make sure your payment reference is correct to prevent delays.
You must keep a copy of your proof of payment in case of queries.
Solidarity Nursing Guild always strives to build a positive relationship with SANC in the interests of our members. In doing so, we try to keep our members up to date with all changes, policies and notifications.

Although we act in the interests of our members, we cannot administer SANC registration on behalf of members. We will, however, offer our support when SANC is negligent.

  • Pay by 31 December 2021 – avoid restoration fees.
  • Request voluntary removal if you no longer practice as a nurse.
  • Remember: Bank transfers from different banks take up to 3 working days – pay in advance to meet the 31 December 2021 deadline.
  • eRegister: to verify your registration status with SANC.
  • Community service: Fees are only payable upon completion of the community service to register as a practicing nurse. Your registration fee code is REGFPRA

SANC fees for 2021:
Registered nursing practitioners and midwives: R700 per year Enrolled nursing practitioners and midwives:R418 per year Assistant nurses:R293 per year

For more information about SANC fees, click here.

Graduates doing their community service year, will find all particulars and forms here

Handy links:
For more information, visit the SANC page here ►
Ethics code for nursing practitioners ►
E-registration click here ►
SANC contact details click here ►
Information on community service year click here ►
Service-oriented email adresses of the SANC – Click here ►

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