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1.Why must I have indemnity insurance?

Indemnity insurance is required by legislation and employers and exists for your protection.

2.How much does indemnity cover cost?

Premiums are payable annually and the cover must be renewed every twelve months. Your cover is therefore valid for 12 months and must be renewed every year in the same month in which you originally took out the cover. Current premiums:

Category Premium ***
Registered nurses R275 per annum
Registered nurses
Including Re-institution1
R350 per annum
Student nurses R225 per annum
Student nurses
Including Re-institution1
R300 per annum
Excess payment R2 500

1Re-institution is when you have exhausted the total insurance amount within the cover period.

* Prices subject to change by insurer.

Cover you receive with this policy includes:2

Limit Cover
Medical malpractice A total of
R7 500 000
Run-off cover
Professional indemnity
Violation of confidentiality

3.I am not a nursing practitioner but I work at a hospital. Do I need indemnity insurance?

Only practising nurses need to have this specific professional indemnity product.

4.What documentation is required to apply for indemnity insurance?

Fill in the application form and email it to: The broker will then process the application form and will contact you if any supporting documents are required.

5.For how long is indemnity insurance valid?

Indemnity insurance is valid for 12 months and is renewable annually.

6.What does “retroactive” insurance mean?

"Retroactive" insurance provides cover for any cause of claim that is unknown to you that took place up to three years prior to the new insurance period.

7.What is covered by my policy?

The policy covers you for a breach of your professional duty, breach of an implied warranty of authority, defamation/injuria as well as bodily injury you may cause to a patient through any negligent act, error or omission whilst you render healthcare services. Please see the policy wording for the exact cover provided and all relevant exclusions.

8.What is not covered by my indemnity policy?

Labour disputes, fictional claims and normal employer matters are not covered by your policy. Any criminal actions and damage caused wilfully, may not be claimed via this cover. For Solidarity benefits click here.

9.What is the procedure if I want to claim indemnity?

Send an email to and a broker will guide you through the claim procedure.

10.What documentation do I need if I want to submit a claim?

No documentation is required for a claim. Please notify the broker immediately at in the event of any expression of dissatisfaction by a client or patient, and the broker will guide you through the process.

11.What do I do in the event of an incident?

Report the incident to regardless of its significance. Compile a sworn affidavit and send it to the broker so that it can be placed in your file.

12.Does my insurance apply if I render assistance while I am not on duty?

Yes. If you render assistance in a medical emergency, at the scene of an accident or a disaster and it is outside your working hours, the policy will cover you.

13.Does my insurance cover working abroad?

No. Legislation differs from country to country and therefore cannot apply internationally. Cover ceases automatically when you leave the country to live or work elsewhere.

14.May I pay my premium monthly?

No. This is an annual policy with a single annual payment.

15.May I work for various organisations using my indemnity?

Yes. The indemnity is linked to the person and not to the organisation where you work.

16.I was an obstetrician but now I am practising only as a general nurse.
May I adjust my indemnity?

Yes, you may switch your cover to the normal nursing premium, but “retroactive” insurance will not be included.

17.I am going to leave the profession or retire, what do I do now?

We recommend that you get cover for any claims that might arise for three years after you have left the profession. Feel free to contact for an explanation of the “run-off cover” procedures.

18.I already have cover at the hospital where I am working, do I need additional cover?

Our policy provides additional cover that your hospital policy at present does not provide. In addition, your hospital policy covers you only for incidents that occur in the hospital and not for incidents while you are not on duty.

19.How do I protect myself?

  • Never admit guilt, first talk to the broker or legal representative.
  • Fill in your patient register completely. This is the first document that is scrutinised in any claim and will serve as evidence.
  • Do not work more hours than you have to. Stay within the framework of the law. If you don’t, you run the risk that too many hours could decrease your chances of a positive outcome, which means that you yourself will have to accept liability.

20.Who is the underwriter of the Nursing Indemnity Insurance negotiated by Solidarity?

Nurselnsure is a product that was developed in collaboration with Camargue Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd and is marketed by Maple Group (Pty) Ltd, an authorised financial service provider, FSP number 49025. Tel: +27 87 940 0076. Web: Email: admin@maplegroup. Address: 1st Floor, Westwood Building, 57, 6th Street, Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Postal address: PO Box 55564, Northlands, 2116.
Underwriter: Camargue Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd (FSP 6344)
Insurer: Compass Insurance Company Ltd (FSP 12148)

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