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WHO AND WHAT ARE SOLIDARITY OCCUPATIONAL GUILDS? The Solidarity Occupational Guilds bind people in a specific profession together in one community to make a significant difference in the professional world. We offer each employee the opportunity to become involved in retaining, building and keeping their profession sustainable.

The Occupational Guilds regard traditional values like quality, sustainability, community and pride as important for every person on a career path to become a master and be indispensable and excellent. Shared values provide each guild member something to believe in, as well as a platform to give back and share knowledge through network opportunities, job creation or mentorships. As a Solidarity member, you automatically receive access to your occupational guild.

The guild is an occupational community where we support and help each other. Get assistance, advice and support from people who understand the challenges you are faced with.

Stand together, as a collective group, against issues that impact on occupational safety and the industry.

Share your knowledge and skills by registering as a mentor, or by participating in personal development programmes made available by the guild.

Guild members are proud to be part of the occupational community, and they are ambitious and want to develop themselves. Guild members have high ethical values, are hardworking and loyal to their profession.

Your guild webpage and newsletter contains interesting articles and research to keep you abreast of news in your profession.

Where applicable, get CPD points by attending seminars and training programmes at S-Leer, or continue your studies at Sol-Tech or Akademia. E-learning modules are available online.

Improve your knowledge and skills by attending training and development programmes. Partake in discussions that influence the industry.

Get involved and give your support in finding solutions for industry-specific problems. Innovation and unique ideas are encouraged.

Network with other individuals in your career field, support each other or be a mentor for young people who want to enter the profession. Learn from other experts in your profession.

Make a difference in the life of a young person who wants to enter the profession by supporting one of Solidarity's study funds, or take a young person under your wing by providing training and holiday jobs.