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We understand your passion Sport is a passion and a lifestyle. This occupation is for people who exercise hard and understands blood sweat and long hours; persons who use difficult and challenging circumstances and who works hard to realise their dreams.

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Sport understands the passion, time and exercise that goes into your career as professional sport star. Therefore, this occupational guild offers you a community that addresses burning issues on your behalf. It is a collective voice that questions, addresses and improves the quality, integrity and sustainability.

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Sport is for anyone that follows an occupation in sport, whether it be as a coach, owner of a gym, bio kineticist, professional sport star or just someone who loves sport.

This guild serves as an occupational community so that you do not stand alone and that you can place all your attention on your sport while we protect your interests.

BENEFITS Guild members form part of a network of work, that benefits the individual as well as the occupation.

Guild members want to develop themselves and aren’t afraid to learn new things. They not only want to empower themselves with knowledge, but they also want to take responsibility for the next generation. This responsibility is transferred through sharing of knowledge, mentoring programmes, the provision of internships and job creation.

As guild member you are part of Solidarity and you will qualify for all the trade union benefits we offer.

  • Discounts at S-leer, a registered training institution, for CPD points and personal development programmes. Various training programmes expand skills in various specialist areas of the profession.
  • The opportunity to act as mentor. Click here for more information.
  • Networking opportunities

Let’s give the sport amendment bill a red card

In December 2019 government proposed a new amendment bill which will nationalise sport in South Africa. This means that government would rule over sport in its totality.

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