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A trades as a career choice is under pressure. The occupational guild not only acts as watchdog over the profession, but also strives to promote the quality of tradespeople and the industry as a whole. Training is provided by the guild’s network of work.

Guild members are proud people who form part of a professional community where a network of work is established for the benefit of individuals as well as the occupation.

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S-leer is a proud Afrikaans training institution where you can obtain points for continuing professional development (CPD) as well as broaden your professional and personal knowledge through personal development programmes.

*Guild members qualify for 40% discount on all S-leer programmes.

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Sol-Tech is an accredited, private occupational training college based on Christian values and with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. Sol-Tech focuses on occupational training that includes specialised training in a trade profession that can lead to acquiring nationally recognised, useful qualifications.

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Hulp sal nie gou beskikbaar wees vir swaar getrefde lugvaartbedryf in SA nie

Deur Cindy Venter Die lugvaartbedryf in Suid-Afrika is een wat alreeds swaar kry – dit is al lank reeds die geval en die Covid-19-pandemie sit nou net die kersie op die koek. Op 25 Maart 2020 het besigheidsreddingspraktisyns 'n versoek by die hooggeregshof ingedien om SA Express te likwideer. Die regering het aangedui dat hulle 'n besluit sal neem nadat hulle die aansoek verwerk het. Hulle was in die verlede gekant teen die besluit. Dit het gevolg nadat SA Express reeds in Maart 2020 nie salarisse aan hulle 691 werknemers kon betaal nie. Kulula en British Airways het op hul
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The impact of Covid-19 on the pilot profession

By Cindy Venter While we are all cancelling or rescheduling flights because of Covid-19, people in aviation must now also make plans to ensure that they survive this pandemic. Below follow just some examples of recent and sudden developments in the industry: Emirates requested pilots and cabin crew to take unpaid leave. Emirates has more than 21 000 cabin crew and employees more than 4 000 pilots. Emirates has a total staff complement of 100 000. British Airways, which has 4 500 pilots in its employ is cutting salaries by 50%. They are mitigating the shock by effecting the cuts over a period
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How will the mining industry be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?

By Cindy Venter Physical touch, machinery and equipment is making the mining industry very vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe, said that although there are no reported cases of Covid-19 in this industry in South Africa, they already started working on precautionary measures a month ago and that they are constantly managing risk cases. Mines across the globe are already experiencing the fear of the consequences of Covid-19. In West Africa, Endeavour Mining reported a positive case at their Houndé mine in Burkina Faso. An employee started showing symptoms at work. Although they had precautionary measures
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Leierskap in ’n tegniese omgewing

Deur Higgs Venter Leierskap word beskryf as die kuns om mense te beïnvloed om ’n sekere resultaat te bereik, of as ’n persoon wat op die missie fokus, die regte ding doen en ’n oog op die toekoms hou. Leierskap kan ook geklassifiseer word as iemand wat 'n visie en ’n plan het, en wat strategies te werk gaan om die uitkoms te bereik. In die huidige tyd van ekonomiese onsekerheid, globalisering, strawwe kompetisie en samewerking met ’n goed gekwalifiseerde werkersmag, beweeg baie organisasies weg van ’n tradisionele hiërargiese leierskapstruktuur. ’n Nuwe model van leierskapstyl kom na vore waar die
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Construction and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

By Reon Janse van Rensburg   The South African landscape has changed drastically over the past 50 years. While the area of Sandton, Johannesburg, used to include extensive grasslands and open stretches of land, it is now a concrete jungle with some of the tallest buildings in Africa. Many other things have also changed over the past 50 years, but the construction industry mostly is continuing in the same vein. The industry still relies predominantly on physical labour, mechanical technology and existing operational and business models. The end result of this is that productivity has been decreasing or stagnating. According
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Artisans: Be safe in your workplace

By Luisa van der Linde Introduction Workplace safety measures are non-negotiable. It is not only the responsibility of the management team or safety committee to be safety conscious. The onus is also on artisans to correctly apply safety measures to ensure their own safety and that of colleagues.   Acts In South Africa there are two Acts that govern safety in the workplace. The first is the Mine Health and Safety Act, No 29 of 1996, that governs safety in mines, and the other is the Occupational Health and Safety Act, No 85 of 1993, that has applied in South
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Women in trade careers

By Elzet Bester Sol-Tech is building a brand-new campus and it intends to send 2 500 students per year into the workplace. This is a wonderful development for trade careers and will give young people an opportunity to be the best in their jobs. Moreover, it will offer Afrikaans-speaking young people training in their mother tongue. The question this article wants to ask though, is how many of the 2 500 will be females? What is the role of women in trade careers? Why is it important for women to pursue a trade? According to Trudi van Wyk of the Department of
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Trades and the 4IR

By Reon Janse van Rensburg A survey conducted by Deloitte during its 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey, showed that millennials in South Africa (working and unemployed) believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will make it more difficult to find jobs in the future. The report which was released for the eighth time, consists of the opinions of 13 416 millennials from 42 countries, including 300 from South Africa. Millennials who participated in the study, was born between Januarie 1983 and December 1994. According to Tumelo Seaketso, Director of Human Capital at Deloitte, millenials’ perspectives and opinions on the 4IR and work
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Master Artisan: The occupation, the role and its importance

By Mia Slabbert Solidarity’s vocational training institution Sol-Tech boasts one of only a handful of Master Artisans still remaining in South Africa. Leon van Wyk has been involved in the training of apprentices since 1989 and was a training officer at Eskom’s training college for 16 years. “In 2007 I was appointed at Sol-Tech, which had only four staff members at that stage. It was my responsibility to establish Sol-Tech’s mechanical training, and it was an unbelievable challenge. I really enjoyed my passion for training and eventually I was responsible for the first group of mechanical apprentices who qualified through
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“Eskom: No thank you, we don’t need your help!”

In February this year, Solidarity presented Eskom with a list of experienced and skilled persons who can help the electricity giant to make a turnaround. This list was also presented to Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Public Enterprises. Unfortunately, not one of the 480 experts’ offers were accepted. This follow Gordhan recently complaining in parliament about the skills shortage at the electricity giant. The selected experts on the list include project managers, engineers, artisans, technicians, technologists and financial managers who all made their services available. However, Eskom denies receiving such a list. Solidarity believes that affirmative action is just as present
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2 April 2020
By Nico Strydom The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the South African entertainment and arts industries to a screeching stop. As early as Pres Cyril Ramaphosa’s...

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30 March 2020
Deur Cindy Venter Die lugvaartbedryf in Suid-Afrika is een wat alreeds swaar kry – dit is al lank reeds die geval en die Covid-19-pandemie sit...

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24 March 2020
Deur Cindy Venter Ek het begin om op 18 van die huis af te werk. Dit was ’n een-man-besigheid en ek was die enigste werknemer....

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24 March 2020
Social workers are often so busy with their own workload, that they may take their colleagues, who are part of their support structure, for granted....

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