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your career partner The Occupational Guild for Trades is your career partner on your path to mastership.

A trades as a career choice is under pressure. The occupational guild not only acts as watchdog over the profession, but also strives to promote the quality of tradespeople and the industry as a whole. Training is provided by the guild’s network of work.

Guild members are proud people who form part of a professional community where a network of work is established for the benefit of individuals as well as the occupation.

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Diesel mechanic
Petrol mechanic
Tool maker
Millwright Electrician
Instrument technician
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Wireman’s licence

Covid-19 has changed the workplace as we know it forever, therefore it is now more important than ever to empower yourself and make yourself indispensable in your occupation.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain and complete your wireman’s licence qualification, in your own time, online in the comfort of your own house. The course is offered by an accredited training institution and equips you with a licence to practice as a registered electrician.

Admission requirements:

  • A completed N3 certificate with Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Sciences and the prescribed subjects for electricians
  • At least one year’s practical experience underwritten by your current employer
Solidarity’s Guild members receive a special offer if they want to complete this course.

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trade development

S-leer is a proud Afrikaans training institution where you can obtain points for continuing professional development (CPD) as well as broaden your professional and personal knowledge through personal development programmes.

*Guild members qualify for 40% discount on all S-leer programmes.

For information on S-leer programmes relevant to trade development, click here ►.

Sol-Tech is an accredited, private occupational training college based on Christian values and with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. Sol-Tech focuses on occupational training that includes specialised training in a trade profession that can lead to acquiring nationally recognised, useful qualifications.

For more information on Sol-Tech’s programmes relevant to trade development, click here ►.

Women as tradespersons: Lynette Schultz, a qualified electrician talks about her career

By Melodie Veldhuizen Although the trades are traditionally still regarded as a man’s world, there are quite a number of women who are proudly filling men’s shoes in technical careers. We talked to Lynette Schultz, a qualified electrician and currently Learning Programmes Coordinator at Sol-Tech where she coordinates and helps develop learning programmes for six trades offered there (that of electrician, millwright, diesel mechanic, welder, toolmaker and fitter and turner). Which trade do you practise? I have my Red Seal in electrical trades and as such I am a qualified electrician.  I started working at Sol-Tech in 2012 as lecturer
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Artisans: advertise and market your business for growth

By Marli Naidoo Few sectors have not been hit hard by the lockdown. The businesses of artisans in all fields had to come to a complete standstill. These skilled plumbers, welders, electricians and many more are now hard at work to get their businesses back on track. As a tradesman, you have to deal with two types of customers: The customer who has an emergency and needs the services of an artisan immediately; and the customer who does his homework for a planned project. It is important that you should be visible enough to be noticed by both these customers.
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How to become a qualified plumber

By Marli Naidoo Plumbers are called in to install, repair and inspect systems used for the conduction of water, sewerage and gases into and out of buildings. They connect pipes to various types of industrial and residential appliances such as heating and cooling units, sinks, washing machines, baths, water heaters and toilets.  Plumbers usually use hand tools but can also use power tools, which may include welding equipment. They also use advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the pressure in pipes or to detect faulty equipment. A plumber will always find work. They can be employed in the building industry, at
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For the artisan: Why you should take your business online

By: Essie Bester As an artisan you are for the most part directly involved with the design and manufacture of your products, as well as your sales, accounting, human resources, supply chain, marketing and many more. This is why an online presence and e-trade often are additional activities which you struggle to award time and skills to. However, artisans who are still slow to accept the digital world, will be disadvantaged considerably during the Covid-19 recovery as the recovery will be digital. This is clear from an insightful document from McKinsey (a global management consultancy company who provides corporations, governments
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Electricians: Who they are and what they do

By Dr Eugene Brink It is almost trite to state that technical and engineering professions in South Africa are in high demand. According to ADvTECH, electrician skills are some of the most sought-after skills when it comes to technical engineering careers, and electrical engineering ranks near the top of the National Scarce Skills List. Electricity, after all, is a major issue in South Africa and job prospects are wide-ranging and quite abundant. The results of the ManpowerGroup’s 13th annual talent shortages report also show that qualified artisans (most notably, electricians) constitute the greatest skills dearth in the country and also
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Sol-Tech-studente: kriteria vir studenteverblyf

Deur Melodie Veldhuizen Die nuwe Sol-Tech-kampus open Februarie 2021 sy deure in Monumentpark, Pretoria. Baie studente kan as dagstudente vanuit hul ouerhuis studeer, maar baie woon in ander stede of provinsies en moet van privaat verblyf naby die kampus gebruikmaak – hul tuiste waar hul vir minstens 'n jaar sal moet eet, slaap, studeer en ontspan. Hier is enkele riglyne vir die keuse van geskikte studenteverblyf. Waar om te begin soek? Huiseienaars / verhuurders adverteer op verskeie plekke en dis raadsaam om betyds al die moontlikhede te ondersoek. Raadpleeg WhatsApp- en Facebook-groepe van die buurt waar jy sal wil woon
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Trades for the technically inclined

By Marli Naidoo Not everybody enjoys working in an office. Some people find practical careers much more fulfilling and have an aptitude for solving technical or mechanical problems. These people do well as tradesmen (or women, seeing that more and more of the fairer sex are flourishing in this field). In South Africa there is a shortage of skilled trades people, which is encouraging the government to strongly support these fields. There are more than 100 trades. However, the trade skills for which the demand is highest, offer those who are interested a good and a variety of options to
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Waarom is spanwerk so belangrik in tegniese bedrywe en hoe kweek ek dit?

Deur Reon Janse van Rensburg In die moderne tye waarin ons leef en werk, gebeur dit selde dat ons ooit net met net een taak op 'n slag besig is. Die hedendaagse werksomgewing het in 'n multidissiplinêre wêreld verander. Die nywerheidsera toe die meeste werk deur mense as deel van 'n vervaardigingslyn gedoen is en waar hul werk slegs uit die uitvoering van een taak bestaan het, is iets van die verlede. Vandag word verskillende take deur meer as een persoon gedoen en daar word van verskillende mense verwag om saam aan take te werk om sodoende die beste resultate
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Time management is important for healthy work and healthy employees

By Reon Janse van Rensburg As a professional artisan at the forefront of technical occupations, you and your colleagues might often have to endure longer working hours and even non-standard working hours. Although most employees do not prefer night shifts, it does happen that night shifts or alternative shifts must be worked on a daily basis or from time to time to catch up on extra or overdue work. Such shifts are not only unhealthy for employees; they also pose safety risks to the workplace. The effects of long or non-standard working hours are not limited to individual employees, but
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Women can be successful in technical careers

By Marli Naidoo Every career has it advantages and disadvantages. For women in the technical field, where primarily they are still in the minority, these challenges can be overwhelming. What does such a woman do to flourish and excel in the position she holds? She sees challenges as opportunities, misconceptions as an opportunity to change mindsets. Passion and endurance are important for success. When she tackles something with heart and soul, she will achieve success. She makes sure she is healthy, physically and mentally. Enough rest, regular exercise and healthy eating habits are important. This woman knows that change and
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