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your career partner The Occupational Guild for Trades is your career partner on your path to mastership.

A trades as a career choice is under pressure. The occupational guild not only acts as watchdog over the profession, but also strives to promote the quality of tradespeople and the industry as a whole. Training is provided by the guild’s network of work.

Guild members are proud people who form part of a professional community where a network of work is established for the benefit of individuals as well as the occupation.

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Wireman’s licence

Covid-19 has changed the workplace as we know it forever, therefore it is now more important than ever to empower yourself and make yourself indispensable in your occupation.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain and complete your wireman’s licence qualification, in your own time, online in the comfort of your own house. The course is offered by an accredited training institution and equips you with a licence to practice as a registered electrician.

Admission requirements:

  • A completed N3 certificate with Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Sciences and the prescribed subjects for electricians
  • At least one year’s practical experience underwritten by your current employer
Solidarity’s Guild members receive a special offer if they want to complete this course.

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trade development

S-leer is a proud Afrikaans training institution where you can obtain points for continuing professional development (CPD) as well as broaden your professional and personal knowledge through personal development programmes.

*Guild members qualify for 40% discount on all S-leer programmes.

For information on S-leer programmes relevant to trade development, click here ►.

Sol-Tech is an accredited, private occupational training college based on Christian values and with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. Sol-Tech focuses on occupational training that includes specialised training in a trade profession that can lead to acquiring nationally recognised, useful qualifications.

For more information on Sol-Tech’s programmes relevant to trade development, click here ►.

Women can be successful in technical careers

By Marli Naidoo Every career has it advantages and disadvantages. For women in the technical field, where primarily they are still in the minority, these challenges can be overwhelming. What does such a woman do to flourish and excel in the position she holds? She sees challenges as opportunities, misconceptions as an opportunity to change mindsets. Passion and endurance are important for success. When she tackles something with heart and soul, she will achieve success. She makes sure she is healthy, physically and mentally. Enough rest, regular exercise and healthy eating habits are important. This woman knows that change and
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Covid-19 wreaking havoc while 4IR is developing

By Reon Janse van Rensburg So far discussions on the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has been based solely on speculation. Fear and uncertainty are instilled in readers and the labour force while not much is said about the positive aspects of 4IR. While companies worldwide are grappling with economic turbulence triggered by the lockdown measures and the Covid-19 pandemic, companies can develop a strategy they did not have during the major recession of 2008 – the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Solidarity’s Occupational Guild for Engineering investigated the challenges experienced by engineers in the construction industry and the
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Hints for a successful interview

By Nico Strydom An interview for a position in technical occupations often differ from any other traditional job interview. Interviews for positions in technical occupations will often include questions about your reactions in specific situations as well as problem-solving questions. The interview will be aimed at testing your technical knowledge, skills and capabilities relative to the requirements of the specific job you are applying for. An attempt will also be made to find out more about your thought processes when it comes the solution of problems. The interview will usually begin in the same way as any other interview: a
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Technical professions: How to create the perfect CV

By Nico Strydom Technical professions are often quite sought after and this means your CV has to stand out if you want to have any chance at all to be considered for a post. Your CV will only receive attention for a few seconds, which is why it is extremely important for it to catch the eye and come to the point quickly. Experts advise job seekers to begin their CV with a short professional profile in which you include brief information about your current job title, your work experience, your highest qualification and the benefits you will be able
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Spelling is important, irrespective of your industry

Anja van den Berg “People will judge you on it. That is the harsh reality.” – Simon Horobin, Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford Approximately 85% of people around the world are connected online and receive emails.  Around 62% of them communicate via social media. While autocorrection and spelling software has become a given in our lives, the importance of spelling has not lessened – on the contrary, it has never been more important! Spelling and literacy have reached an apex across all human history. So too has the demands on the quality of delivery.
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Wat hou die toekoms vir lugvaart in?

Deur Nico Strydom   Kenners meen die lugvaartbedryf, plaaslik en internasionaal, gaan waarskynlik heeltemal anders lyk na afloop van die Covid-19-pandemie.   Die groot vraag is tans hoe die bedryf sy bedrywighede moet hervat sodra hy die groen lig kry om dit te doen en hoe lank dit sal neem vir die bedryf om in die posisie te kom waarin dit voor die pandemie was.   Passasiersvlugte is reeds sedert begin Februarie gekanselleer en het kort daarna heeltemal tot stilstand gekom weens die Covid-19-uitbreking. Covid-19 het ook bestaande probleme in die lugvaartindustrie vererger en sekere lugrederye het reeds aangekondig dat
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Probleemoplossing baie handig vir ambagslui

Deur Nico Strydom Daar gaan nie altyd 'n handleiding met oplossings beskikbaar wees vir al die probleme wat ambagslui in hul loopbaan gaan teëkom nie. Probleemoplossing is dus 'n vaardigheid wat ambagslui handig te pas sal kom. Dit help ambagslui om te leer uit ervarings in die verlede en om met alternatiewe oplossings vorendag te kom. Probleemoplossing behels onder meer die identifisering van 'n probleem, navorsing, identifisering van moontlike oplossings, besluitneming, implementering en die evaluering van die uitkomste. Philip Minnaar, hoof van die tegniese kollege Sol-Tech, meen ambagslui moet oor die besondere vermoëns beskik om eerstens, ter wille van instandhouding,
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Engineers step forward amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Engineers have stepped forward anew amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has among others resulted in a lack of health care equipment, which means that engineers are being utilised to help with the manufacture of essential equipment. The pandemic also offers engineers the opportunity to come to the fore with new products and unique solutions. The South African National Army, which is being deployed until the end of June, has also already requested that members of its reserve force who have not yet been called up, and who possess specialised skills, such as qualified engineers, make themselves available. In the
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The future of artisans

A worldwide shortage of well-qualified artisans still exists, which means that people with these skills are in great demand all over the world. According to Xpatweb’s latest report about critically essential skills, South Africa also has a shortage of well-qualified artisans. Xpatweb questioned 110 companies, among which JSE listed companies and multinational enterprises in Africa, for the report. “The most conspicuous jump in the figures is the number of South African companies that struggle to recruit artisans. The figure has increased by 45% compared to the previous year,” said Marisa Jacobs, immigration specialist and director at Xpatweb. Together with two
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Developments in the automotive industry

By Cindy Venter Tim Abott, Managing Director of BMW SA welcomes the decision that manufacturing in the automotive industry can resume. This brings great relief to the industry in terms of exports as 64% of cars manufactured in SA are exported. Although manufacturing may be resumed in the automotive industry, car dealerships may still not open their doors to sales. They may, however, do urgent repairs. The concern is that dealerships who rely on local sales will manufacture cars but won’t sell them. Mark Dommisse, Chair of the National Automobile Dealers Association (Nada), said dealers will probably start considering retrenchments
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29 September 2020
By Essie Bester Shifting demographics, cost pressures, consumerism and rapid advances in technology will play a role in the future of health care. It is,...

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29 September 2020
Wanneer jy met jou besigheid begin, moet jy die handelsmerk vasstel. Jy moet van die begin af vir jou ’n sterk identiteit skep wat ’n...

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28 September 2020
By Reon Janse van Rensburg According to Gideon du Plessis, General Secretary of Solidarity, Covid-19 led to many negotiating processes about health and safety protocols,...

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21 September 2020
By Marli Naidoo Every career has it advantages and disadvantages. For women in the technical field, where primarily they are still in the minority, these...

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